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A custom designed system set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
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 Branches of the Lincoln Academy...

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Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Empty
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InsigniaBranch NameDescription
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Field_10Field BranchThese are the normal agents. This branch holds the majority of the operatives in the academy. There are no benefits or hindrances to belonging to this branch. Your character will belong to a “pool” of agents that are assigned to missions as their abilities and powers dictate.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Medica11Medical BranchThese are the dedicated physicians and medical staff for the agency. They don’t generally get assigned to many missions but, when they do, they can use a special privilege to relieve an agent from active duty if they believe they have sufficient grounds to do so. If such a course of action becomes necessary, the agent must write a report detailing reasons for exercising this authority. It should be noted that this authority even circumvents the Special Branch privilege.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Powers10Powers Training BranchOnce referred to as “Internal Affairs” this branch has been re-worked to concentrate on the monitoring and development of the X-Factor Gene that grants people their powers.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Securi10Security BranchThese agents are the people that provide the physical and technological security for the academy, including manning the brig and munitions stores. Very rarely released to go on missions, these characters do hear a lot of rumours about mission briefings from their contact with the various departments.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Specia10Special BranchThese agents represent the “elite” of the agency. They tend to be used for “deep cover” assignments, or assignments that need to be done quickly and quietly. It is very rare for Special Branch to have contact with the rest of the agents of the academy. If teamed with other agents, a Special Branch agent has the authority, because of his position, to assume command of the mission if it is deemed necessary. They also have access to an agent’s complete personnel file up to the ranking of Classified to allow them to work around any problems they may encounter with other agents. They are also the only branch that is permitted to have Cybernetic Enhancements. They must, however, prepare detailed reports regarding missions and are also, because of their higher security clearance, viewed as ego-maniacs and distrusted to a small degree by the rest of the Academy. Due to their deep cover assignments, these characters also inherit a personal enemy of moderate power. Also, they are fiercely loyal to the academy and trusted with the personal security of the Director of Operations and Head of Special Branch.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Techni10Technical Research BranchOften referred to, from James Bond days, as the “Q Branch” of the academy. Most of this grouping are behind the scenes characters and are rarely called out of their workshops. However, the branch realises that there will be times where Technical expertise will be required on a mission and they, therefore, have a small section of dedicated operatives for this purpose and characters from this branch will be members of this section.
Branches of the Lincoln Academy... Weapon10Weapons BranchA small off-shoot of the above branch, these characters are the weapon-smiths of the academy. Normally they are only in the field to test new weaponry, or on investigations where their expertise is essential. If they are testing a new weapon, they tend to be obsessive about it and will refuse to explain it to anyone, or let anyone use it. They must also file reports on the performance of the weapon at the end of a mission.
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Branches of the Lincoln Academy...
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