Lincoln Academy
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A custom designed system set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
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 About The Lincoln Academy...

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In the Lincoln Academy setting the players take on the role of a person who is best described as part secret service, part x-man. They work for a British Government funded organisation called The Lincoln Academy. The Lincoln Academy deals in a wide range of activities from intelligence gathering to assassination of government sanctioned targets to heavy duty disaster relief work where certain supernormal powers would be of great benefit.

The following are rules in addition to the basic World of Darkness system to be used in the World of Darkness: Lincoln Academy Setting. This document provides details to assist the player in generating their characters, as well as a few embellishments to the basic World of Darkness system.

Unless new systems are provided in the Lincoln Academy sourcebooks, the systems in the basic World of Darkness documents apply.

The following materials based on The World of Darkness, entitled Lincoln Academy, are created by Barry Lace and made available by Barry Lace, and are not authorised or endorsed in any way by White Wolf Publishing. White Wolf Publishing is not, in any way, responsible for the content of these materials.

Additional Disclaimer
The author of World of Darkness: Lincoln Academy wishes to state that the characters, circumstances and events portrayed herein are purely fictitious. Any similarity between actual people (living or dead), circumstances, or events, is unintentional and purely coincidental.
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About The Lincoln Academy...
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